Monday, February 7, 2011

3rd Post in mah blog

Today i wok up at about 10 inthe morning even though i whent to bed at 6 in the morning.
i got up anyway cause i had a sore throat and couldnt sleep any more  so i took a showing thinking that the steam from hot water would help my throat and it did some.
this is a throat:

after that i started looking for food and ended up just drinking lemon lime soda, then sunny D, then a cup of hot tea. I put milk and sugar in my tea, some people think its wierd.
Tea made my way:

I then proceeded to play ARMA II: CO and kicked some ass on a public server run by a realism unit I joined.
In the end I had a 26 kills and 1 tank destroy, no deaths but was critically wounded 5 times and revived.
ARMA II: CO pic:

i did that untill dinner then i did it again after dinner.
now i am writing this. Thanks to those who are following!

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